Oman, the land of royalty is unique in its cultural richness, flavoured by folk dances, traditional costumes, heritage sites, falajes and handicrafts. World Famous for its hospitality and unique cuisines, the country boasts of traditional ways of life and mouth-watering cuisines. It is the only place on earth where you can enjoy the contradicting taste of Halwa and Kahwa and the richness of Aursia and Shuwa.

To this great land of culture and cuisines, The Food Stories (TFS) is bringing tastes from across the world. Welcome to The Food Stories, the high end Multi-Cuisine Restaurant for the entire Family at Al Khuwair and Darsait. Here variety is the key with authentic flavour is a perfected art.

Enjoy the sumptuous taste of Arabic, Continental, Chinese, Indian and Kerala delicacies right here in Muscat. We offer a wide spread including Omani sea food grills, yummy grilled steaks, exotic soups, variety of mouth-watering Biriyanis just to name a few.

Conveniently located at Al Khuwair and Darsait, The Food Stories boasts of a great ambienc. The restaurant's interior is tastefully done, exuding warmth and is very welcoming. It has that cosy, casual dining feel which you would love to come back to. We would love to cater to you, your family and your friends. Our cosy dining room can accommodate it all.

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At Food Stories we are dedicated to provide you a wholesome experience. It all started with one thing. The passion to create culinary experiences par excellence by some of the best chefs and well known professionals in Hospitality Industry. Together they have decades of experience in creating the best culinary experiences and top-notch Hospitality.

We strive to serve you a variety of cuisines with the perfect, authentic taste every time you visit us. Much care goes into selecting each ingredient in the dishes. We understand the importance of authentic ingredients in our dishes and go to great extent to get the right produce.

The Food Stories has only one motto when it comes to Service. 'Serve with a smile'. The service experience is curated by our experts who has decades of experience in Hospitality Industry. Our food philosophy is summed up as healthy food with the authentic flavours, in a comfortable setting, topped up with good service and hospitality.

Our Chefs have years of experience and bring to table the skills and expertise required to create the yummiest food for you. They specialise in different culinary styles and perfected the art of fine cooking. Scroll through our menu and you will understand the umpteen variety of food we offer. There is something for every food lover in your family. Our menu is inspired by the cultural diversity of Muscat. We love to cater to you, various styles of cuisines with its authentic taste.

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